Watch The Business of Being Born online for free

I’m not sure how long this will stay up, it might not be authorized, but someone has uploaded The Business of Being Born online to watch on youtube. The video below is part one of six and the subsequent parts are on the same playlist. Enjoy…

Facebook – No Friends, Please

Are you using a business page or personal profile to promote your doula business? Do you know the difference between the two? It’s important to know how each one is intended to be used – especially if you’re relying on it to help promote your business. Here’s a little piece of a post I wrote over . . . → Read More: Facebook – No Friends, Please

Doula Marketing Online

It’s very important for businesses to have an online presence. In the past, a simple website was sufficient, but the Internet has become very interactive, and people no longer want to look at your site, they want to use the internet to interact with you.

This is a very good thing for doulas, because you can . . . → Read More: Doula Marketing Online

Host a Belly Casting Party

You know what a belly cast is, right?  Plastered gauze is moistened and applied to the pregnant belly and breasts. Allowed to dry in place, it creates a life-size replica of the mother’s pregnant body.

A belly casting party is a great way for women to bond during their pregnancies.  it’s also a great way for you . . . → Read More: Host a Belly Casting Party

Doula Directories

In a perfect world, the importance of peace-of-mind during labor and childbirth would be common knowledge and the word “doula” would be part of everyone’s vocabulary. But we haven’t made the world perfect yet.

Find more clients for your Doula Services

Most of the PR work that we do is designed to educate women. A woman may hear . . . → Read More: Doula Directories

Doulas on TV and Radio

Chatting with the DJs at the local radio station is a great way to capture the attention of morning commuters. Also, some doulas have been able to publicize their business by taking a seat on the local morning news talk show, or even participating in phone interviews.

DONA has compiled a resource to help guide doulas who . . . → Read More: Doulas on TV and Radio